Nimbus- Fraud Alert- Review

In this article, we’ll take a look at Nimbus Platform, a cryptocurrency scam that profits from fraud.

Andrea Zanon and David Mazaheri founded the company. Zanon quit in September and was replaced by Fernando Martinho.

As per Martinho’s LinkedIn profile, he is based in London, UK. His name mysteriously vanished from the firm’s website a few days ago; here is what it looked like:

Nimbus Platform has not publicly commented on the issue.

Martinho’s most recent appearance was on December 21, 2020, at a webinar that was then recorded and posted to Nimbus Platform’s official YouTube channel. He hasn’t appeared much after this.

Nimbus Platform’s website does not include any physical address. The firm purports to be operated by Nimbus Platform LTD- a Malta-based shell company!

Nimbus Platform’s Products 

Nimbus Platform does not sell items or services directly; instead, affiliates are requested to promote Nimbus Platform’s affiliate membership and profit from it. Yet do Nimbus Platform’s founders practice what they preach? Let’s wait and see.

Nimbus Platform’s Compensation Plan 

Nimbus Platform’s affiliates purchase NBU tokens in the hope of earning a passive income.

For 60 days following the first investments, the Nimbus Platform seizes NBUs from all investors. Affiliates who wish to retrieve their tokens after this period must pay a 7% return on investment.

Nimbus Platform does not reveal the internal value of its NBU tokens. This is because their value is null.

According to Nimbus Platform, investors are compensated with NBU tokens for all returns, commissions, and bonuses. This of course is not true.

Reimbursements are further delayed via a bogus percentage calculation:

“Rewards will be distributed daily, and each reward will be locked for two months before being distributed in 20% increments over a five-month period via a smart contract.”

Referral Commissions

Nimbus Platform promises a 10% referral commission for each individually recruited affiliate who purchases NBU tokens.

I’m assuming the 10% applies to any NBU tokens earned after the affiliate’s initial deposit.

Swap Bonuses

Nimbus Platform claims that the Swap Rewards are paid using the following uni-level compensation structure:

The Swap Reward is calculated as a proportion of tokens “swapped” on the internal market for anything else.

Nimbus Platform offers the Swap Bonus in six uni-level team levels:

Level 1: 0.06 %; 

Level 2: 0.03 %; 

Level 3: 0.02 %; 

Levels 4 and 5: 0.015 %; 

Level 6: 0.01 %.

Joining Nimbus Platform

The price for affiliate membership is not disclosed on the Nimbus Platform’s website.

What we do know is that membership entails a hefty investment.

Wrapping Up

Nimbus Platform’s original NMBT token Ponzi scheme failed despite their best efforts to defend it. 

They’ve resumed counterfeit operations using NBU tokens, which can be issued in less than two minutes on the ERC-20 platform. Naturally, they did this with the same idea in mind: to continue deceiving people!

Nimbus Platform’s initial Ponzi scam was connected to a bygone Avalon trading bot.

Additionally, Nimbus Platform’s founders introduced two other Ponzi scheme coins: Nimbus Governance Token and STAN.

The Nimbus Governance Token (ERC-20 standard) is being promoted as a mechanism for token holders to vote on and allocate transaction fees for the Nimbus Platform.

According to Nimbus Platform, STAN is a stablecoin that is backed one-to-one by USD.

Nimbus has taken a step back in terms of remuneration, abandoning its robust referral mechanism in favor of a fake exchange bonus scheme.

In any case, the business chose to commit serious securities fraud. The absence of any retail goods or services is another issue. 

Know whom to trust!

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