Boris CEO intelligence capital’s ponzi scheme has been exposed

On Intelligence Prime Capital’s website, there is no mention of the company’s owners or management. IPC Trade and IPCapital are other company names for Intelligence Prime Capital.

On June 8th, 2021, a domain name for Intelligence Prime Capital (“iprimecapital.com”) was registered with false information. Intelligence Prime Capital released a video entitled “Meet the CMO of IPCapital” on YouTube shortly after the company’s establishment. Intelligence Prime Capital’s Chief Marketing Officer, “Dr. Val Ng Sh,” appears in the video. Val Ng See Huat’s LinkedIn profile is the only place you can find Val Ng outside of Intelligence Prime Capital’s marketing films.

Ng is said to be based in Singapore, however his LinkedIn profile may have been set up by Intelligence Prime Capital marketing. Videos produced by Ng’s Intelligence Prime Capital depict Boris CEO scenarios. Desk accessories, mugs, and flags for the company are all included in the rental. Ng is dressed in a dinner suit with a bow tie for whatever reason. That’s a lot to ask for. It is mentioned in the presentation of Intelligence Prime Capital’s other identified executive: No matter how many years of experience he claims to have. Stefan doesn’t exist outside of IPCapital marketing. This is because Walter Stefan, like Val Ng, is portrayed by an actor.

When he was at the European Central Bank (ECB), he served as Vice President in charge of the bank’s policy and cooperation initiatives. The European Central Bank (ECB) employs or had employed a Stefan Walter. Walter Stefan, the CEO of Intelligence Prime Capital, is an actor. When names are westernized, it’s common practice in Asia to reverse them. I think that’s what caused the name order confusion. In addition, the official PDF files for Intelligence Prime Capital were generated by “Vincent Yau” around the time of the company’s debut. For Intelligence Prime Capital, I couldn’t discover any extra information about this person.

A few months ago, Intelligence Prime Capital appeared on the Internet and claimed to have been “leading the way in online trading for 15 years”. According to Alexa, Nigeria (21 percent), the United States (21 percent) and Mexico (21 percent) are the top three countries that visit Intelligence Prime Capital’s website (17 percent). It was updated on December 27th, 2021.

Russia’s Central Bank issued a warning on Intelligence Prime Capital securities scam Don’t join or send over money to an MLM company until it’s clear who is in charge and who controls the company.

Products from IPCapital Currently, does not offer any products or services that can be resold. It’s not possible for affiliates to promote anything other than IPCapital’s affiliate membership program itself. Information on IPCapital’s Compensation Plan Investing in a “AIA Bot” requires a minimum of $100 from Prime Capital affiliates. A monthly subscription is required to use the bot: With Smart Bot, you may make up to 15% a month by paying $19.90 a month. Pay $39.90 a month and you can earn up to 30% a month with the Brilliant Bot. As a monthly fee, you can make up to 45% a month with the Genius Bot, which costs $99.90. Intelligence Prime Capital only accepts bitcoin or tether; hence the above amounts are in USD. It costs Intelligence Prime Capital 20% of any profits made.

Affiliates are only allowed to withdraw funds from Intelligence Prime Capital on weekends. Intelligence Prime Capital’s MLM division pays commissions for bringing in new affiliate investors. IPCapital’s Affiliate Program is ranked highly.

According to Intelligence Prime Capital’s incentive structure, there are seven affiliate levels to choose from. The following are the requirements for each of them: Invest $100 and you’ll be able to individually attract $500 in additional investment volume as a leader. Supervisor – invest $500, personally recruit $1000 in investment volume, and generate $3000 in total downline volume with a $500 investment. Supervisor One thousand dollars is invested, three thousand dollars is personally recruited, and ten thousand dollars is generated in total downline by the senior manager. Directly recruited investment volume of $5000 and total downline volume of $30,000 is generated by a Department Manager who invests $3,000. Regional Manager – invests $5,000, generates $10,000 in personally recruited investment volume, and generates $100,000 in total downline investment volume. Regional Manager an investment of $10,000 by the Managing Director will result in a personal investment volume of $30,000. This will be followed by a downline investment volume of $300,000. shareholder director: invest $20,000, bring in $100,000 in investment volume from friends and family, plus a further $1,000,000 from their network of contacts Investors who have been recruited through word-of-mouth are considered to have a higher volume of personally recruited investment volume than those who have not.

Total downline volume is the sum of all of your downline members’ investments (directly and indirectly recruited affiliates). Recruiting Boards’ Information Affiliates of Prime Capital earn 10% of all membership fees and investments made by their own affiliates. Commissions that Remain an unilevel compensation scheme is used by Intelligence Prime Capital to pay residual commissions.

Using a unilevel pay structure, an affiliate is at the head of the unilevel team, and every affiliate they personally recruit is right beneath them (level 1) Members of the unilevel team who are recruited by affiliates at the level of the original are automatically promoted to the next available position. In theory, there are an endless number of layers of affiliates that can be created if affiliates at level 2 recruit affiliates at level 3, and so on. The maximum number of payable unilevel team levels is twenty for Intelligence Prime Capital.

As a percentage of daily returns, residual commissions are paid out according to rank: On level 1, leaders receive a 30% bonus (personally recruited affiliates) Supervisors make 30% on level 1 and 20% on level 2 of their subordinates’ salaries. Level one senior managers receive 30%, level two managers get 20%, and level three managers earn 10%. Those in charge of departments get 30 percent on level 1, 20 percent on level 2, 10 percent on level 3, and 5 percent on levels 4 through 6. 30 percent on level one, 20 percent on level two, ten percent on level three, a fifth of a percentage point on levels four through six, and three percent on levels seven through nine. Directors earn 30% on level 1, 20% on level 2, 10% on level 3, 5% on levels 4–6, 3% on levels 7–9, and 2% on levels 10–14 of their compensation. Earnings for Shareholder Directors are distributed as follows: 30% for the first level, 20% for level 2, 10% for level 3, 5% for levels 4–6, 3% for levels 7–9, 2% for levels 10–14, and 1% for levels 15–20. To become a member of IPCapital’s affiliate program, you must pay a monthly fee: SMART Bot – $19.90 $39,90.00 for Brilliant Bot $99,90 for Genius Bot Paying more in monthly fees increases an affiliate’s earning potential.

According to Intelligence Prime Capital’s IPCapital conclusion, the firm derives revenue from foreign exchange trading. “It has taken the IPCapital team years of research and development to create our own unique AI analysis engine using the most cutting-edge market technology. Using our IPC AIA BOT system, you’ll be able to customize your trading methods to suit your specific trading style and achieve an average winning percentage of 97 percent.”

In light of the fact that Intelligence Prime Capital was only founded a few months ago, the math does not work up. Intelligence Prime Capital has monthly returns as high as 45%. They wouldn’t be selling access for $99.90 if that was even possibly doable after “years of serious research.” What’s the point of selling access in the first place? You can retire with Jeff Bezos’ money in a year if you discreetly run the bot.

Intelligence Prime Capital does not have any verifiable evidence that it earns foreign revenue. In their backoffice, affiliates are given the typical “proof of trades” data. Financial reports that have not been audited cannot be used as a substitute. In light of this, Intelligence Prime Capital has been accused of securities fraud. Using Intelligence Prime Capital’s MLM opportunity to provide a passive investment opportunity constitutes a securities offering. Executives (actors or not) and promoters of Intelligence Prime Capital have not been registered with financial regulators. Trading in securities is forbidden in every country. Intelligence Prime Capital’s marketing materials include a FINCEN registration number in an attempt to make the company appear credible.

Intelligence Prime Capital LTD, a Colorado shell business, is listed as the owner of this registration. The registration with financial regulators and the audited financial reports are still required for proper due diligence. Like the fictitious domain registration information provided by Intelligence Prime Capital… For Intelligence Prime Capital LTD, fraudulent information was used to set up the company.

Registration with FINCEN is easier than registering with the SEC and submitting financial reports. Furthermore, registering with FINCEN has no bearing on whether or not securities regulations are being followed. What’s the point of hammering this point home? Because a Ponzi scheme is a foregone conclusion if an MLM commits securities fraud.

As in all MLM Ponzi schemes, new investment will cease when the number of new affiliates declines. This will lead to Intelligence Prime Capital’s demise as a result of a lack of ROI revenue.

The mathematics of Ponzi schemes ensures that most participants lose money when they collapse.

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