Hyperverse failed after introducing a new ponzi token called HVT

Hyperverse created the HVT token after having withdrawal issues with its MOF and HDAO coins for almost a month. Withdrawals of HVT tokens were also disabled within 24 hours.

HVT is an acronym for “Hyperverse Token.” This is HyperTech’s fifth Ponzi token issuance, following the emergence of HC, HU, MOF, and HDAO in recent months. Affiliates of HyperFund were able to take their money out via MOF until the end of November, at the latest. Immediately after HyperFund failed, MOF was relaunched as a TRC-20 token under the new name Hyperverse.

Midway through December, the MOF TRC-20 reboot fell apart: As a result of this, Hyperverse began using HDAO withdrawals. Up until HDAO’s demise on December 21st, withdrawals were scarce (the vast majority of requests were denied): After a few days of trying to control HDAO withdrawals, Hyperverse decided to give up and launch HVT, which was the final straw.

HVT, a BEP-20 token, became live on December 25th. These are easy to assemble and cost next to nothing. Hyperverse declared a “temporary suspension” of HVT just a few hours after it went live.

As a result of the unpredictable and fluctuating nature of the BSC mainnet, which results in long response times and even failed transactions, they have decided to temporarily suspend the HVT contract, HVT conversion, and HVT withdrawal services. “BSC mainnet difficulties” have not been found in a search in the past 48 hours. Instead, Hyperverse was deluged with withdrawal requests when HVT became live.

As with MOF and HDAO withdrawals, Hyperverse backend withdrawals fell victim to the same intermittent failures throughout December. The Hyperverse Ponzi scheme continues because you can’t pay out what you don’t have. “Please accept our sincere apologies and be assured that our IT staff is working hard to find a solution to this problem, and we hope to be back up by the second half of Christmas Day.” Was said on their website.

Over 1000 IT experts were employed at the time MOF went bankrupt, according to HyperTech Compliance Officer Hope Hill (aka Ronae Jull). “I have no doubt that the imminent demise of HVT tokens will be short-lived. It is likely that Hyperverse will reactivate HVT as soon as they have figured out how to correctly adjust withdrawal rates.”

I don’t know if HVT withdrawals have been reactivated at the time of this article’s publishing. Guilty victims who gloat about their successful withdrawals aren’t making headlines. No one knows how long it will take for HVT to collapse or another token to be launched after withdrawals have been re-enabled, regardless of the circumstances.

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