Kari Wahlood, Twitter’s cloning service, has revealed a new conspiracy theory

Kari Wahlroos is back after a run of failed ventures with his own social networking site. The usual cryptocurrency antics are taking place on the backend.

COVID-19 pandemic “limiting your life” was the theme of Wahlroos’ video posted to FaceBook on December 4th. First and foremost, Wahlroos must face his past failures as a con artist, which he does in a frank and forthright manner.

Believing the vision that was put out and making the most of these opportunities OneCoin, the infamous $4 billion Ponzi fraud, is the “vision” Wahlroos is alluding to. A marketing ambassador for OneCoin until December 2017 is suspected to have profited millions of dollars through the OneCoin fraud, according to reports.

The failure of the last attempt was a sad, unfortunate, and unlucky occurrence. Another example of a good idea being squandered because it was carried out by terrible individuals. Hub News, which Wahlroos now runs under the name “Freedom Republic,” is his latest business venture. PHP-based social media script called ColibriSM powers News Hub, which presently costs $30.

Modern media sharing platform ColibriSM is an analogue of social networks such as Twitter or Instagram. You can create your own social media site with ColibriSM. According to reports, Wahlroos is another example of the “baby boomers sliding down social media algorithms’ rabbit hole” issue. Wahlroos is likely enraged with the system now that he’s spent one too many nights in FaceBook jail. Which is hilarious, given that Wahlroos uses News Hub to promote, uh, Facebook.

This service used to cost €9.99 EUR a month for personal use and $99 a month to use it for corporations. Since then, Wahlroos has raised the cost of entry to €49.50 and €499 EUR. There is a two-fold increase in costs after December 31.

On new hires, a 50% referral commission is given. Renewals are subject to a fee of up to 20%. As far as I know, News Hub does not have an MLM component. “Freedom tokens,” a new cryptocurrency created and owned by Wahlroos, are the Trojan Horse behind News Hub.

The Wahlroos freedom token is used to pay all News Hub commissions. They risk losing their earned freedom tokens if they post free speech that Kari Wahlroos doesn’t like. You will be terminated if you violate these Terms of Service, and no money will be refunded. The earned tokens can be kept in this situation, but the privileges will be lost if you also attend to our reward system. In his video, Wahlroos lays out some principles for what he considers to be acceptable forms of free expression.

Wahlroos is quite tight-lipped about the details of the selling of freedom tokens. Whether Wahlroos pays commissions on token investments, or if he keeps the money for himself, is unknown. The same goes for the technological aspects of the freedom token. If everything goes according to plan, the ecommerce platform will allow customers to spend their freedom tokens eventually.

DealShaker is what Wahlroos is alluding about. Chinese dropshippers and scammers pretended to offer expensive goods on DealShaker at its peak (as a marketing tactic). It’s possible that Wahlroos will promote his new book on News Hub as well. As far as we know, the untitled book is at least 360 pages long.

Vesalina Valkova, another OneCoin alumna, made a similar statement about a book last month. Since the opening of the News Hub, approximately forty accounts have been set up. Members are “exploding,” according to Wahlroos.

According to Wahlroos, a former OneCoin scammer, Facebook has already banned New Hub signup links. I assume Wahlroos is referring to a Facebook guideline that deals with spam. After OneCoin’s demise, Wahlroos, originally from Finland, joined the Dubai scam community. As a result, he’s now living in Latvia.

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