Success by Health- Fraud Alert- Review

The FTC’s claims against the individual defendants in the Success by Health case have been pushed to the forefront by the resolution of several motions. On February 17th, we had a hearing, after which we received some important decisions. The motions before the court are complicated, with increasingly intertwined issues. As evidenced by the court’s […]

Liyeplimal Ponzi scheme- Fraud Alert- Review

For the second time, the Liyeplimal Ponzi scheme has crumbled. To put it simply, the original Liyeplimal Ponzi scheme collapsed just before Christmas. The owner, Emile Parfait Simb, tried to keep the money coming in by relaunching Liyeplimal with LimoCoin SWAP. That lasted until the 14th of February, when Liyeplimal collapsed once again. Liyeplimal investors […]

TelexFree- Fraud Alert- Review

The “victims” of TelexFree have obtained the right to “question the correctness of TelexFree’s data” in a lawsuit. There has been plenty of time for the “victims” to demonstrate their allegations, so this decision is puzzling. Investors (Appellant Participants) who have questioned TelexFree’s records include eighteen TelexFree investors. Abdeltif Bellagat is the author. Abdelkhalak Toqi’s […]

VsafeCustody- Fraud Alert- Review

Dominic Mujelli and Davide Gelain, the founders of VsafeCustody, originally called it the Ver-cal Gain Club. In addition to Davide Scola, Johnny Monticelli, Gabriele Gambinj, and Roberta Sofficiati, agents Riccardo Buffoli and Daniele D’Avanzo, and the Super Money Freedom Guru Paolo Luini from Tenerife were part of the squad. For a person to join, they […]