Generation Zoe- Fraud Alert- Review

After stumping for a Ponzi supporter seeking re-election to the Senate, Leonardo Cositorto shows up at a posh Colombian resort.   

Cositorto has been placed under international arrest by Interpol. Customers on social media searched for Susurros del Paraiso, a lavish spa “dedicated to the bodily and psychological well-being of individuals.”    According to Informacion, a group led by Argentinian activist Pablo G. Salum monitored Cositorto on Twitch and Twitter on Tuesday evening. Pablo G. Salum, who has been following Cositorto for months, was invited as a visitor by technology scientist Javier Smaldone.   

On one level, assembly members were shown an old film of a girl thanking Cositorto for “this lovely place that we made,” created by Smaldone. The video shows a residential complex with cabins and a large swimming pool, similar to the one seen in the background of a video message sent to Cositorto’s followers the day before.   

After the speech was broadcast on each platform, Google searches for accommodations with cabins near Colombia’s coast began, with many viewers using Google Maps to locate these places.   

As a result of the investigation, Susurros del Paraiso became mild. Additional information was discovered after further investigation. Generation Zoe promoters have been holding events in Susurros de la Paraiso for months.   

Last month, Cositorto’s Generation Zoe Ponzi scam collapsed. A number of people have been arrested after an operation by the Argentine police focused on the fraudsters’ workplaces in Argentina.   

As a result of Costorto’s departure from Argentina, Interpol was tasked with serving a global arrest warrant. Regardless of Cositorto’s numerous public appearances prior to now, Colombian authorities must comply with the warrant.   

On March 18th, 2022, the following information was current: After all, Susurros del Paraiso’s creator is a well-known Generation Zoe evangelist, after all. Sergio Varela (aka Serge Varela) claims to be the managing companion of Susurros del Paraiso.

Varela appears to be in charge of this institution at the very least.

Verela and Leonardo Cositorto are in a difficult situation: Verela’s shirt also has the following logo: PNL Academia Hispana: As previously stated, PNL Academia Hispana is a course that Verela has incorporated into his Generation Zoe promotion.

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