OneCoin- Fraud Alert- Review

The Thai Anti-Cash Laundering Office is collecting victim claims against OneCoin and its co-founder, Sebastian Greenwood. Sebastian Greenwood is a character in the film. Sebastian Greenwood Before we begin, I should state that I am not familiar with Thai legislation or the claims process.   

If you’re unsure about something in the legal process, a Thai lawyer can assist you. Requests for assistance in submitting a claim will very certainly be marked as spam.   

At a news conference on February 23, AMLO announced two forms for OneCoin victims: The most common is a “request for defense of rights.” The Thai government has made a statement, which is number two.   

According to the discovery, Greenwood’s newly seized possessions are now the subject of victim claims. According to the press release, the only option is to fill out a request for defense of rights form in accordance with Thailand’s anti-money laundering legislation.   

There are no other legal routes open to victims to seek property restoration or restitution for the harm they’ve endured.   

There isn’t a different course of action you can take. Victims are required by law to file a “declaration with proof of (monetary) injury” (i.e., losses because of investing in OneCoin).   

A request for the protection of personal information and monetary damages is made in the form of a request for the defense of rights. Because there is no “country” section in the form, only Thai victims can file claims. When applying for a job in Thailand, non-Thai residents must provide their Alien Identification Card numbers.   

The type expressly states that “expectations or advantages” are not to be claimed. Unfortunately, Ponzi traders frequently try to claim phantom benefits that never existed.   

If the amount of money coming in and going out is negative, there will be precise losses.   

They don’t appear to be victims if they make more money than they put into OneCoin (together with any commissions paid).   

The deadline to file a declaration is March 23rd. I’m afraid that submitting one kind won’t get you very far.   

Please accept my apologies for the lateness of this piece; I was only recently made aware of the announcement press release.

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