OmegaPro- Fraud Alert- Review

OmegaPro’s securities fraud has been warned about by Mauritius’s Monetary Providers Board. The FSC warned Mauritius residents about “OmegaPro” on January 20, and now it’s being sold to them as a good way to get money.   

People who spread the word about OmegaPro get a bonus for their efforts.   

Any people or groups working under this model haven’t been licensed or regulated by the FSC in any way.

People in different places might call this a “safety fraud alert.”   

You can get a return of 200 percent or more, as well as passive income.

OmegaPro is a Ponzi scheme. OmegaPro is now being investigated by eight countries, including Mauritius, for possible fraud.   

All of these countries have issued the same fraud warnings after the FSC said that they were going to do this. In line with Alexa, the majority of people who go to OmegaPro’s website come from Colombia (24%) and Venezuela (11%).  

There were a lot of ads in Japan for OmegaPro until recently, but they’ve stopped. This month, it doesn’t look like anyone is getting hired there.   

OmegaPro is a Dubai-based company. Andreas Szakacs, Mike Sims, and Diliwar Singh are the people who work for OmegaPro.   

Dubai is a haven for scammers because it doesn’t have a lot of regulations and doesn’t have many extradition agreements.   

This is where the world’s MLM scam capital is.

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