Generation Zoe- Fraud Alert- Review

Maximiliano Batista, who was part of the Era Zoe splinter group, has been arrested by the Argentine government.

People who say that Leonardo Corsitorto is going to be persecuted because of his politics are now trying to hide behind their faith.    Batista is in charge of the second.

Batista was on the run from Argentine police while he was hiding out in Europe, where he was being sought by police. People from the government went into the house of Batista’s daughter last week to search for drugs.   

Because of this, Batista’s lawyer told him that he could return to Argentina and turn himself in so he could get out of jail.

Batista arrived in Buenos Aires about 12 hours ago. He was detained right away. When Leonardo was living in Argentina, he made things. 

When it was found that Cositorto was in Colombia, he thought he was being prosecuted because of politics.    “Colombian cities are now on my list of places I want to visit because my problem here is political. They took some pictures of me at a public political event.”

First, Cositorto didn’t seem to be a member of a group that was politically aligned. In any case, faith seems to have taken that place as a reason for being. Informacion said that on March 20, Cositorto posed as an “evangelical pastor” in a webinar.

Cositorto told his audience, many of whom might be Era Zoe customers, that “Jehovah is your partner” and that “God can give us 10 times more than we have now.” This is what he said.   

It used to be that Era Zoe’s death was blamed on “the Satan,” but now it’s “easy math.” People in the church have been betrayed. He warns his “brothers, leaders, and ministers” about this. He wants to make sure that those who “are in the dark” will later “switch” their evil intentions to the people.   

“When you get there, you’ll be in a new dimension and have a new life already. Those who doubt aren’t long-term; may your peace and happiness not decline; prosperity comes from above, he says. Keep your faith, stay there, and don’t change your mind.”

Argentine: “Satan is the liar who manages the hidden powers right here on Earth. He makes brothers fight each other, he makes us sick, and now he wants to get rid of our faith,” says the Argentine.   

Another time, he blames his situation on the “brutal attack that they’ve been putting on me from all over the place, because I’m a believer.” What a coincidence that they take us out on TV and mix in biblical classes with the supposed scam that they say they are running. 

“If it is unfair to remove, expel, or denigrate Christianity, what is the point? Many should keep their mouths shut until they know that God is behind this group, these people, and this team,” says Cositorto.   

People are saying right now: “God promises to make things right. He promises to keep his word. “He’ll also put back together you and the things Satan took away from each of us,” says the man.

After Era Zoe went down, Cositorto came up with Dawn Coach, which was a Ponzi scheme. Customers who want to get their money back from Dawn Coach haven’t been able to get it yet.  

However, it’s not clear why Colombian authorities haven’t taken Costitorto into custody.

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