Intelligence Prime Capital- Fraud Alert- Review

After months of withdrawal issues, Prime Capital has started its own exit rip-off. Intelligence Prime Capital shareholders have been notified that their accounts will most likely be closed.   

After the weekend’s disastrous launch of their exit-scam, Intelligence Prime Capital traders are now being introduced to the next: Withdrawals were due on March 20th, after an attempted departure fraud over the weekend, According to the statement, Prime Capital’s departure fraud is the result of “regional limits” and “local regulation,” as per the statement.

Intelligence Prime Capital is a Ponzi scam that is involved in securities fraud, to be explicit.  Financial market fraud is a criminal violation all around the world. Canada (Ontario and British Columbia) and Russia have thus far issued warnings against Prime Capital’s business activities.   

Intelligence This shift to banning US financial institution accounts is especially important given that the vast majority of Prime Capital’s invested funds have originated from Americans. Intuition Prime Capital’s largest traders appear to be seeking to obstruct the transfer in order to meet the company’s ROI obligations.   

Nigeria has now surpassed the United States in terms of new hires. As a result, Intelligence Prime Capital may believe it has the potential to cut off America.   

Scammers from Intelligence Prime Capital are said to be hiding in Malaysia and Singapore to avoid being discovered by police. Intelligence Prime Capital, headquartered in Singapore, is thought to be operated by Southeast Asians.   

There appears to be a link to Malaysia as well. The March 27th withdrawal deadline is ridiculous, given that larger withdrawals from Intelligence Prime Capital have been periodically blocked for weeks.   

When “Nate” from Intelligence Prime Capital (below) went on a US “leaders” webinar earlier today, he was fully aware of this and in full harm control mode.   

The webinar was hosted by Mike Lucas, a serial Ponzi promoter from the United States (proper). In the letter, Jayden addressed the ongoing withdrawal challenges at Intelligence Prime Capital in response to “the elephant in the room.” “Withdrawals will most likely be handled within 72 hours for everyone. Concerning Intelligence Prime Capital’s exit fraud, IPCapital is rumored to be limiting access to its companies to those based in the United States. As a result, I’m not sure if you’ve all received this mail.  This restriction has not been communicated to me by the administration. Mr. Eddie, who had only recently joined us at a meeting, informed everyone that we would not be restricting admission to US clients. That’s all there is to it. It appears to be a system bug, so that’s what I’ll assume. Tomorrow, I’ll meet with the administration team, and as soon as I have confirmation from them, I’ll let you all know.”

I’ll post any new developments right here if they happen.   

We began monitoring Intelligence Prime Capital withdrawal points in late February.   

Prime Capital’s exit scam began to take shape in mid-February.

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