GSPartners- Fraud Alert- Review

GSPartners has launched a Ponzi promotional opportunity.   

Josip Heit is expected to attend the April event, which will be held in the hometown of GSPartners’ top US promoter. According to the flyer, GSPartners’ event on April 23rd will be held at the Georgia Aquarium.   

‘Each ticket will set you back $60. The very first GSPartners meeting in the United States! Alexandru Cocindau, our CTO, will give a technical talk; Dirc Zahlmann, an Advisory Board Member, will give a speech; and Josip Heit, our Chairman of the Board, will give a keynote address, followed by statements from our World Ambassadors.” Even though it’s mostly a GSPartners Ponzi promotion event, Hiet has called it the “Lydian World Tour.”   

Lydian World is one of GSPartners’ lesser-known friends, so this could be an attempt to avoid the spotlight.    Michael El Dalcoe, GSPartners’ top promoter and net-winner both globally and in the United States, is based in Atlanta.   

It shouldn’t be evident right now whether the Georgia Aquarium is sponsoring a Ponzi promotional event or not. The G999 token and several other spin-off tokens are used by GSPartners to facilitate Ponzi schemes (of which Lydian World is one).   

Until recently, nearly all of GSPartners’ website visitors came from the United States. According to Alexa, the United States has a market share of 33% (48%) in Belize.  

The United States of America remains the Lydian World’s hottest country of origin (64 percent). It is lower than it was a few weeks ago, indicating that fewer new purchasers are arriving in the United States.   

Even though nearly all of the buyers are believed to be US residents, GS Companions, Josip Heit, and Michael El Dalcoe are not registered with the SEC.

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