IPCapital- Fraud Alert- Review

Keeping up with intelligence is difficult. Prime Capital fraud alerts Beginning in mid-February,   Prime Capital began limiting and depleting investor accounts.   

Withdrawals have been delayed until later in the month.   

A few weeks ago, crypto fraud changed. A few days later, an “exit-scam” notification came. A few days later, Prime Capital directors resigned. The latest exit-scam is a notification that “we were hacked!”   

According to their newest exit fraud, Intelligence Prime Capital’s funds have been “depleted” and their bots “compromised.” “Don’t panic. A new IPCloud Ponzi scheme may be in the works.” Intelligence “We acquired Hacked!” says Prime Capital.   

We didn’t go any further. That’s only a gimmick to hide a Ponzi scheme’s impending downfall. A report on various Ponzi schemes’ demises is required to show how ludicrous an MLM Ponzi scheme’s demise could be.    To top it off, intelligence prime capital’s demise was absurd.   

Based on IPCapital’s latest exit fraud claim, the system had a major security flaw. Globally, customers have lost about 80% of the platform’s overall revenue. A security breach has resulted in a loss of vital information and statistical indicators, limiting the AIA BOTs’ ability to correctly evaluate the market.   

What is going on needs to be clarified. The above-mentioned deception justifies the essential migration to Intelligence Capital’s crypto exit-scam.   

Intelligence This crypto exit fraud has been running for ten days. It was simple for them to persuade colleagues to abandon their current accounts and switch.   

That didn’t exist, and thus we’re here. Intelligence Prime Capital used to disable the affiliate backoffice for around 24 hours.   

Backoffice money was removed from the system, and crypto account movement was required. Initially, associates were prohibited from withdrawals, and their back-office funds were restored. The balance in the buying and selling account cannot be withdrawn until the next weekend. As if it had been issued The management team has decided to move all current operations to our MasterC BOT.

Your daily rewards will continue to be paid because your funds have been transferred to the MasterC BOT.    Traders in Intelligence Prime Capital will be unable to access their funds for 100 days. I believe commissions have also been reduced.   

Changes to the administration bonus are being considered; more information will be provided when available.   

And lastly, IPCapital’s new exit-scam goals are to keep the Ponzi scheme going by locking all investor funds for 100 days, cutting commissions, and hoping monopoly cash returns in the backoffice during the next 100 days attract new investors.   

Math makes everyone with half a brain attempt to acquire whatever they can get, no matter the cost.   

The IPCloud solution is a good fit here.   

IPCloud, a decentralized bitcoin wallet, will soon be available for customers to access their digital assets.   

A launch date for the new product will be announced in late April.   

(The term “new product” refers to new bitcoin funding scams that could cost you money.  Prime Capital has exceeded its current funding. They’ve probably been here for a while (early to mid-February) and it’s only a matter of time.   

The Ponzi scheme has ended. Scammers do a lot to recruit. They’ll deny nearly all withdrawal requests while processing a few genuine ones. There is no such thing as cash without cash. As a result, IPCapital can not pay out because it never happened.   

We’ll keep you posted on Intelligence Prime Capital’s deterioration.

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