EON- Fraud Alert- Review

An MLM company called EON is a company that sells coins in cryptocurrency.

George Goodman is the head of the company and the person in charge of the government. A lot of people who work for a company called Xifra say that Goodman made his first foray into multilevel marketing in 2020.

It is a Ponzi scheme that promises to make money back for people who put in $100,000 at the start. He didn’t do anything else after the game came out. Goodman only starred in a few promotional videos.

EON says that George Goodman, a Mexican-American who lives in Guadalajara, will show the world his new platform on February 18, 2022, from the city of Guadalajara. Xifra is a Ponzi scheme in Mexico, so Guadalajara is a good match for the city because it is close to Mexico.

For a more in-depth look at EON’s MLM potential, keep reading. Most people don’t see anything on the market from EON.

So only the EON affiliate membership can be promoted by members. EON’s Wage Building Employees at EON are promised a 300 percent return on their cryptocurrency investments over the course of 20 months.

No-cost method Second, the USDT 250 is the second one. There will be 350 USDT in your account in just one minute! 500 TRY per hour total amount of money is $1000.

During the week, 1500 USDT is spent. During the month, the fee is three thousand dollars in the United States. It costs 5000 USDT for the year. There was 10,000 USDT in the account for a whole year. LUSTRUM: In this case, 15,000 USDT is worth it. In this case, thirty thousand dollars.

There are 100 million USDT in the world. At the age of 250,000 USDT, a person can get a job. The next numbers are in tether, but EON also accepts bitcoin as a form of payment. EON “inner tokens” are made when bitcoin is put into an EON account.

It doesn’t pay out until a bitcoin withdrawal is made, so the returns are paid out on this inner token. EON’s MLM division gives money to people who invest in the company. Each range in EON’s pay plan has a different number of points.

Every one of them needs these things: If you want to be a part of the EON associates program, you’ll need to put in at least $250 USD to join. Keep a minimum investment of 250 USDT, personally recruit two people, and make a total investment of 1000 USDT in your downline as an E2.

During E3, you should keep a small amount of money in reserve, recruit three people on your own, and invest 3000 USD in your downline. E4s invest $500 or more, keep three personally recruited associates, invest $1,000 in personally recruited affiliate funding, and invest $5,000 in total downline funding as E4s.

They’ve reached the fourth level of income. For Chronos 10, you need to invest at least 3000 USDT, have at least four members (two E3 or above), have at least 5000 USDT in your own personally recruited affiliate funding, and have at least 20,000 USDT in your downline funding.

Every time you join Chronos 50, you must make an investment of at least 5,000 USDT, keep at least four personally recruited associates (no more than three E4s), generate 10,000 USDT in personally recruited affiliate funding, and have 100,000 USDT in your downline funding.

As a Chronos 100 member, you must make investments of at least 10,000 USDT, recruit and keep five associates (4 Chronos 10 or more), make 20,000 USDT in individual affiliate investments, and make 500,000 USDT in total downline investments.

At least 5 personally recruited associates (4 Chronos 50 or more), make at least 30,000 USDT in private affiliate funding, and make at least 2,500,000 USDT in downline funding for the Chronos 200 level. In order to become the Chronos 500, you’ll need to spend at least 30,000 USDT, attract and keep seven associates (4 Chronos 100 or more), generate 40,000 USDT in funds from your own affiliates, and invest 12,000,000 USDT in your downline. With EON, you can keep seven people you’ve personally recruited, earn 50,000 USDT in your own funds, and make 100,000,000 USDT in your downline’s funds.

To be promoted, associates need to have put in time and money. Unilevel compensation is used to pay referral commissions by EON to people who sign up for their service. They are at the top of their unilevel team (level 1) when they recruit new members. Every new member is right next to them. Associates who were hired by degree 1 members are on the second level of their unilevel staff.

There could be an infinite number of layers of associates, so if any level 2 associates join new associates, they move up to level 3, and so on. EON can only pay for four staff ranges in unilevel. Relying on your rank, you can earn referral commissions based mostly on a percentage of your total cryptocurrency investment.

This is how it works: Associates who are ranked E1 get 10% off of their first degree. (associates that I personally hired) Associates on the E2 tier make 10% on their first degree and 4% on their second degree. People who have an E3 rating make 10% on level 1, 4% on level 2 and 4% on level 3. Associates who are ranked E4 and up get 10% on their first degree and 4% on each of the next three degrees.

Residual commissions become easier to get hold of as Chronos 10 and better rise through the ranks. Those who get a Chronos 10 or better rating get paid residual commissions down to an infinite number of unilevel staff. Those who are in the top 10 in Chronos get 3% for each member they have. Members of the Chronos 50th percentile get 3% in each of the first through 20th tiers.

For ranges 1 to 50, Chronos 100 ranked affiliates get a 3% fee. People who work for Chronos in the top 200 jobs get 3% of their total income from ranges one to 100. On ranges 1 to 200, Chronos 500 ranked associates get a 3% fee. A person who is an EON member can earn 2% on all unilevel staff ranges that are available to them.

They get the next one-time rank achievement bonus from EON: EON, and they can win $250,000 for those who qualify for Chronos 500 and Chronos 200. It doesn’t matter that the above amounts are in dollars. Rank Achievement Bonuses are paid in cryptocurrency, which isn’t talked about. In order to become an EON affiliate member, you must buy tether or bitcoin for $250 to $250,000.

Free affiliate membership for EON is available, but I don’t know what the goal of that membership is because you need to recruit new members to make money. “Ponzi scheme” is a term used by this cryptobro. For people who’re looking at EON’s marketing, crypto buzzwords and promises can be left out of the equation.

It is an MLM crypto Ponzi scheme that you are a part of now. If you put money into something for 20 months, you’ll get a return of 300 percent a week.

The only way to get your money back is to ask for a withdrawal, which is done by a real contract and a meaningless internal token. Be on the lookout for EON members who say they’ll be leaving so they can get your trust.

EON can’t pay out more money than it invests, so it doesn’t matter if EON is taking money out. Most EON members won’t be able to pay back their initial investment, let alone make money in the long run. A Ponzi scheme like EON should not surprise anyone because George Goodman came from the Xifra Ponzi scheme.

This part of EON is a pyramid scheme that pays people for bringing in new customers. With all Ponzi schemes, new money will run out as soon as affiliates stop being hired.

Finally, it will lead to the downfall of its partners because they won’t get any money from the return on investment (ROI).

The math of Ponzi schemes makes sure that most people lose money when they fail.

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