IX Inversors- Fraud Alert- Review

It’s been said that IX Inversor has been put into liquidation and that it has been shut down.

On Monday, the company held an official webinar to spread the word about what they do and how they do it. People from IX Inversors arrived in Ecuador before the country’s Superintendencia de Bancos said they did in a regulatory investigation that is still going on.

A fraud alert was sent out by Ecuador’s main monetary regulator in January. On March 29, the Superintendencia de Bancos said it had sent its findings to the Monetary and Financial Evaluation Unit the day before, and that it had done so (UAFE).

When it comes to Hernandez and IX Inversors, the investigation has now moved to a whole new level. When IX Inversors went out of business, Hernandez said it was a liquidation rather than admitting that Ecuadorian authorities were looking into him for money crimes.

IX, too, does the same thing. Inversor’s short-lived reboot, DIA, fits the bill. Unfortunately, the expected outcome did not happen.

Many of them gave up their homes and cars in order to invest.

Again in December, we found out that IX Inversors was a Ponzi scheme that promised a return of 300 percent, but it was a scam.

He says that his Ponzi scheme has “about 450,000” people who have invested. This is what Alexander Hernandez, the CEO and co-founder of the Ponzi scheme, told me.

Until Ecuadorian authorities finish their investigation, we don’t know how much IX Inversor lost. Some people say Hernandez has gone to another country, but it’s not true. This data has not been confirmed.

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