Hyperverse- Fraud Alert- Review

HyperPay, the payment processor affiliated with Hyperverse, denies any connection to the Ponzi scheme.

A few days ago, a bizarre announcement was made on Twitter.   

Over the years, HyperPay has been the internal processor for all of HyperTech’s Ponzi schemes. 

HyperPay was initially mentioned by us in our HyperCapital evaluation.

After HyperCapital’s failure, it was relaunched as HyperFund. After the failure of HyperFund, it was relaunched as Hyperverse.

In all three HyperTech Ponzi scams, HyperPay has been a constant.

The only reason HyperPay has a Twitter account is because HyperPay owner Ryan Xu operates his Ponzi scheme through numerous shell businesses.

I suppose that several logos on marketing materials make it simpler to deceive nave investors.

Continuing withdrawal issues may be one reason why HyperPay is pretending to have no connection to Hyperverse.

We were last in contact with Hyperverse in early March. They had just established a 400 percent return-on-investment plan while continuing to deny withdrawal requests at the time.

A few withdrawals were processed in the previous month, but investors are discovering that once their plans expire, they are unable to pay out.

Positively, HyperPay is one of the few HyperTech components that is still openly discussing itself. Ryan Xu has not been seen since late 2021, when he went on the run.

Except for Kalpesh Patel, the majority of the highest-earning Hyperverse players have quietly left.

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