Masterworks Investment- Fraud Alert- Review

The website of Masterworks Investment doesn’t say anything reliable about who owns or runs the company.   

The website for Masterworks Investment does have a page called “team members.” But the names on the page are made up and are shown with stock or stolen photos.   

The same stock photo of Ewan Charlton (CEO of…) is used to represent him on a number of sketchy forex sites:   

This is because MasterWorks Investment’s website uses a standard template made for scams:   

The one marketing video on MasterWorks Investment’s website is hosted on a YouTube channel called “Investment Crypto.”   

The channel has a lot of marketing videos for other schemes, which suggests that it is part of a scam website hosting package:   

In order to make itself look real, MasterWorks Investment gives a fake SEC certificate:   

There is no such thing as an SEC certificate of incorporation. This makes it seem like whoever is in charge of MasterWorks Investment doesn’t speak English as their first language, is trying to attract stupid investors, or both.   

This fits with the fact that the marketing video for MasterWorks Investment uses stock footage and a robot voiceover. 

The fake SEC certificate from MasterWorks Investment comes with an address in New York.  This address belongs to MasterWorks, which is a separate company that invests in art.

At least in part, it looks like MasterWorks Investment is trying to pass itself off as MasterWorks, the real company.   

The website domain for MasterWorks Investment (“masterworks-investment.ltd”) was registered privately on August 10, 2021.   

If an MLM company isn’t clear about who owns or runs it, you should always think twice before joining or giving them any money.   

MasterWorks’ investment products- MasterWorks Investment has no products or services that can be sold.    Affiliates can only sell affiliate membership in MasterWorks Investment.   

Affiliates of MasterWorks Investment invest money based on the promise of returns that are advertised. 

Bronze: If you invest between $100 and $19,999, you’ll make 1.5 percent per day.   

If you invest between $20,000 and $39,999, you will earn 2% per day.   

Invest $40,000 to $59,999 in gold and receive a daily return of 2.5 percent.  

If you have $600,000 or more in your account, you will receive 3.5 percent per day.

There seems to be no limit on how much MasterWorks Investment can pay back. The MasterWorks Investment website makes it seem like cryptocurrency investments are being asked for. There are no specifics. 

MasterWorks Investment’s MLM side pays affiliates who bring in money. 

Commissions for referrals- MasterWorks Investment gives affiliates who bring in money a 10% commission on the money they bring in.   

Commissions that don’t end- A monthly bonus is how MasterWorks Investment pays out residual commissions. This bonus depends on meeting the following three levels of requirements: 

Regional Representative: Invest $10,000, find at least fifty affiliates, and get $50,000 in total downline investment volume to make $1,500 per month.   

You can get $2,500 a month if you invest $20,000, find at least ten affiliates, and have them invest a total of $100,000. (boon Rolex watch upon qualifying).

Invest $30,000, recruit at least 20 affiliates, generate $200,000 in total downline investment volume, and get a bonus “trip to the company’s headquarters and 24 hours of free shopping.”

A Regional  Representative needs fifty new members. This is not a mistake on my part. I think it’s a mistake on the part of MasterWorks Investment, and there should be five affiliates.   

Investing in MasterWorks- It looks like there is no cost to being a MasterWorks Investment affiliate.   

To fully take part in the attached income opportunity, you must invest at least $100.   

To get the most out of the compensation plan, you must invest at least $30,000.   

MasterWorks Investment says that it gets money from outside sources by putting together a bunch of copied and pasted paragraphs. There’s no point in getting involved.   

Almost everything on the website of MasterWorks Investments is either a copy of a template or something that was taken from somewhere else.   

The people behind the scam are just running a Ponzi scheme.   

The easiest way to check this, given the fake SEC certificate of incorporation that was given, is to look up MasterWorks Investment in the SEC’s Edgar database.   

Nothing comes up, which isn’t surprising.   

As with all MLM Ponzi schemes, new money will stop coming in once affiliate recruitment stops.   

This will stop MasterWorks Investment from getting money from ROI, which will eventually cause it to fail. 

Because Ponzi schemes are based on math, when they fail, most people who took part will lose money.

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